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Application Process Overview
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In order to be considered for our annual home build in the summer of each year, your fully completed application must be submitted by September 1st of the previous year (for example: all applications for a summer 2020 build would need to be submitted by September 1st, 2019).

Circumstances and donation levels change from year to year. For these reasons, JHF does not maintain a “waitlist” of applicants. Every family must re-apply every year to be considered for a build.

Application Day
We accept applications from families in person during our home build week. This is usually conducted one afternoon during the week, and either on site (of the home build) or at a convenient location nearby. This is a great opportunity to meet JHF board members and volunteers in person.

Along with this written application, the opportunity to be interviewed will also be provided and is extremely helpful to JHF in this process. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

JHF has been building homes each summer in McCreary County for over 20 years. In choosing a home recipient, JHF tries to look at the many factors that have led to each family’s present situation. JHF also uses the information you provide to get a sense of how well a family will use the opportunity of a new home to create new advantages for themselves and their children. Sharing your story in an open and honest way will only strengthen your application.

What you'll need to include
The following items must be included for you application to be complete:
1.The attached application;
2.A completed questionnaire;
3.W-2 and other tax return information;
4.Two letters of reference;
5.Copy of the deed for build site or letter from person deeding land to you, as it is essential that the land is owned free and clear of any mortgages, etc.
6.Photo of your family;
7.Photos of your current home (you can provide as many as you feel are necessary to provide JHF Board Members a complete picture of your living situation).

Please note that JHF will not pay for the land on which we build the home. You must independently arrange for a suitable building site, in your name without any debts or liens. The building site must have access to water on or near the property. You can get additional details from the JHF representatives.

Since JHF obtains the necessary funds to build the home from donations, JHF requires that all applicants provide authorization to use their photos, videos and/or audio recordings for publicity, fundraising or the Web.

JHF further requires that the home recipient family be available and on the site during the build week.

JHF reserves the right to confirm accuracy of all information provided in the application during the building process and after the family takes occupancy (for example, credit checks and background checks).

Application Review
Applications will be reviewed, and JHF may request a home visit. These visits by our Kentucky representatives provide a better idea of your circumstances and allow for a proper assessment of the building site.

Please return this application and all requested materials to Danielle Ridener as soon as possible or mail directly to:

Joshua House Fund Application
PO Box 1792
Darien, CT 06850

Please understand that we have dozens of families applying, but we can only build one or two homes each year. If you are chosen as a potential applicant, a representative of Joshua House will contact you for further information and instructions. Thank you for your application.